Great news if you are an eligible HBF member! One for Women has an arrangement with HBF that may enable you to access our services and minimise your out-of-pocket costs.

This offer applies to HBF members who:

  • Hold pregnancy and birth cover (excluding Standard Overseas Visitors cover)
  • Have satisfied their 12 month waiting period (please see details below)
  • Satisfy One For Women's clinical eligibility criteria

You can find full details of the HBF offer by clicking here.

It is important to note that while the One For Women care package is designed to minimise any out-of-pocket expenses, there may still be co-payments or medical gaps incurred, such as during your time in hospital.

That’s why it is best to call HBF on 13 34 23 to find out more about your level of cover, especially when it comes to your delivery and the care for you and your baby while you are in hospital.

Also, please note that to qualify for this special arrangement, you must attend two One For Women Antenatal classes prior to the delivery of your baby – attendance at these classes is fully covered.

Waiting Period

A member must hold cover with pregnancy and birth for at least 12 months before their due date.

Admissions during the waiting period

If a baby is born prematurely, or the patient is admitted for a pregnancy and birth-related condition and the estimated date of birth would fall after the waiting period has been served, the benefit will be paid.

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