Looking for a better breastfeeding experience next time around?

When a mother has had a rough time breastfeeding her first baby, she may feel unconfident or anxious about breastfeeding her next baby. Our skilled One for Women lactation consultants can help you prepare for a much more enjoyable breastfeeding experience.  

Here are our top tips for success:         

  1. Attend the OFW Breastfeeding Workshop with your support person. You will probably find there are lots of “ah ha” moments as breastfeeding starts to make more sense! Practical tips on getting a comfortable latch and establishing your milk supply set you up for a great start with this next baby.
  2. Book in for a 1:1 OFW lactation consultant appointment. We will work with you to understand your previous breastfeeding experience and family situation, identify your breastfeeding goals and develop an individualised breastfeeding plan.
  3. Take your OFW breastfeeding plan with you to hospital. Your plan will be your guide in those early days after birth. It will also help your hospital midwives to provide the consistent advice and support that you need.

Please check out Mel’s story below for inspiration, reach out to us and prepare to succeed!

“There is no other skill where we expect we should have a sudden knowledge and ability, the way that we do about breastfeeding. Having failed dismally breastfeeding my first child and that weighing very, very heavily on my mental health throughout his infancy, I knew when I became pregnant with my second child I needed support and I needed that support BEFORE the baby came. 

I researched IBCLC’s, traipsed through recommendations, Facebook groups and search engines and settled on one of OFW’s lactation consultants (LC) as my first choice.

My husband and I met our LC for coffee one morning – we clicked immediately and I knew she was ‘my person’. I was able to unpack the experience of failure and the really big feelings that came with that, without any judgement. Through talking to her, I was able to let go of the trauma was carrying into my next breastfeeding experience. 

My LC provided the most incredible support for the first six weeks of my second child’s life, not just breastfeeding but support for my wellbeing also. Having breastfeeding support from a single, extremely knowledgeable, calming and encouraging source was absolutely invaluable after having a terrible first experience.

Prior to birth, my LC also helped me put together a breastfeeding plan to take to the hospital, ensuring all staff understood my preferences and priorities post birth. In my experience this is just as valuable to put thought into as your birth plan. 

One of the things I remember most vividly is a time in the first month when I had blocked ducts and my LC, after hearing how panicked I was about mastitis, messaged me every few hours through the night to check in, making sure I was feeding, pumping or massaging that blockage out. 

I successfully, exclusively breastfed my second child for 16 months. I am now five weeks into my third breastfeeding experience. Even after the lengthy successful feeding previously, I’ve still needed a bit of help perfecting the latch – it’s a completely new baby after all.

Seeking and obtaining help (building your village) BEFORE baby arrives, BEFORE you’re in the newborn exhaustion, crazy hormones and your world turns upside down is invaluable as once you’re in the thick of it it’s very hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel (especially with a screaming, hungry baby in the middle of the night). But with some professional guidance and a friendly ear you can overcome the obstacles thrown your way.

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