Helping unsettled babies

by Michelle Way – Child Health Nurse

Did you know sensory stimulation in the day like tummy time can help unsettled babies? Many parents struggle with knowing the best way to get their baby to settle, it’s one of the most common questions we get asked. 

Our top tips for helping an unsettled breastfed baby from 0-4 months to make the days more manageable are: 

  • Watch your baby (not the clock) when it comes to feeds and feed on demand (especially in the evenings when they can cluster feed)
  • Keep them close to you (babywearing such as using a baby carrier might help)
  • Give them lots of sensory stimulation during the day (like music, movement, tummy time)
  • Get outside for a walk in the carrier/pram, or sit with them on a picnic rug on grass or under trees
  • Give them a bath or hold them in the shower with you,
  • Expose them to daylight in the morning to help them develop their circadian rhythm (a morning walk for example)

Sometimes, no matter what we do babies still cry, so it is vital to look after yourself during these times. Try to do pleasurable or enjoyable activities with your baby even if it’s difficult or you feel tired. Even if we can’t stop the crying, our babies still take comfort in our presence. Most crying or colicky behaviour will settle over time, so do what feels right for you and your baby.

If you are concerned, please book an appointment with our Child Health Nurse Michelle Way, or one of our postnatal GP’s to discuss your situation in detail. 

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