International Board Certified Lactation Consultants

An International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) assists breastfeeding families using her extensive experience and education in evidence-based breastfeeding management. To qualify, an IBCLC must achieve the global ‘gold standard’ in lactation education and have demonstrated their skill and knowledge through a rigorous international exam process, many clinical hours and recertification every five years.

The IBCLC offers breastfeeding support, education and assistance for all types of breastfeeding issues. Women may see an IBCLC during pregnancy to help plan for breastfeeding, to get help with breastfeeding difficulties or to get advice on weaning.  An IBCLC understands the intricate relationship between mums and babies, and will provide individualised help to troubleshoot and balance your breastfeeding. 

The OFW breastfeeding support team consists of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) that are also qualified midwives and GPs.

Our midwife IBCLCs provide education and support including:

  • antenatal planning for a better ‘next time’ after a previous difficult breastfeeding experience
  • dealing with sore nipples
  • management of blocked ducts and mastitis
  • concerns about milk production or slow weight gains
  • planning for returning to work.

Our General Practitioners (GP) who are IBCLCs can provide expertise for more complex situations such as:

  • antenatal planning when mum has complex physical and/or mental health issues eg previous breast surgery, PCOS, low milk production or anxiety/depression
  • persistent nipple and/or breast pain
  • slow infant weight gains
  • unsettled feeding at the breast
  • ongoing difficulties with baby’s attachment to the breast
  • tongue tie assessment 
  • recurrent mastitis
  • oversupply
  • mental health concerns around breastfeeding and adjustment to motherhood

 Whatever your question or concern, we’re here to help. To book an appointment with one of our IBCLCs or GP IBCLCs, phone 9328 0500 or book online here.

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