Julia D'Orazio

Social Worker

Julia is an accredited Social Worker who provides psychosocial support to women in the perinatal period. 

Graduating from UWA in 2017, Julia received the Walter Tauss Memorial Prize in Social Work Practice.  She is also a Neuroprotective Developmental Care (NDC) Practitioner through Possums, Motherhood Studies Trained Practitioner through Dr Sophie Brock, and a Newborn Mothers Postpartum Professional through Julia Jones, Postpartum Doula.

Julia believes that collating her knowledge, skills and experience as a social worker, along with her understanding of the social and cultural aspects of motherhood can transform the postpartum experience of new mothers.  She is passionate about providing holistic, evidence based support to mums when it comes to the care of themselves and their babies.  

Julia is herself a single mum to her young daughter, and has lived through the challenges mums face, giving her an insight into how difficult this period can be and what support should look like.

Her family and friends are very important to her life, and her Italian heritage means she enjoys cooking (and eating!)

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