Dr Genevieve Hankey

GP Obstetrician


Having spent a lot of time in physiotherapy from netball injuries, Dr Genevieve Hankey thought she would be a physiotherapist and never considered medicine. A family member suggested that a lot of physiotherapists have to work on Saturdays, to which she thought, ‘Well, I don’t want to do that, maybe I’ll try medicine instead.’ She feels lucky to have found something she enjoyed from the beginning, as many people take a long time to figure out what it is they would like to do.

Genevieve began working as a doctor at Royal Perth Hospital, where she rotated out to several stints in the country. She first encountered GP Obstetricians whilst living in Geraldton, when she spent a morning sitting in with one of them. This gave Genevieve the opportunity to see women in various stages of pregnancy and with their babies, she thought ‘this is great!’ It felt like a healthy, normal, happy part of life to be involved in.

Genevieve went on to spend her next year working at King Edward Memorial Hospital, and later Princess Margaret Hospital, but it was at KEMH where she fell in love with obstetrics. She studied her Basic and Advanced Diploma of Obstetrics at KEMH and then began her GP training. Genevieve worked for 5 years as a GP Obstetrician in Rockingham and went on to up-skill at King Edward Memorial Hospital for 6 months. She is happy to be part of the Western Obstetrics team and now One For Women team. 

Outside of work Genevieve enjoys spending time with her family, being in the sunshine and by the beach, eating nectarines (when they are perfectly ripe she can’t think of anything better), reading books, going out for dinner and drinking copious amounts of tea.

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